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hockalocker's Journal

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Steve Smart
17 December 1954
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Hi, I'm Steve. I've done a lot of things and been a lot of places. If you want to know me , check out my webpage or better yet Email me
2nd chapter of acts, acting, andrae crouch, art, astronomy, barney fife, barry mcguire, barry zito, baseball, baseball cards, battlestar glactica, blue bell ice cream, bob dole, boris karloff, buddy holly, c.s. lewis, captian kangaroo, carole king, carpenters, cartoons, casablanca, cats, ccm, ccr, chess, christianity, church, cities of the world, civil war, classic movies, clocks, cloverfield, comedy, crypto-biology, dark shadows, diabetes, dinosaurs, disabilities, drawing, education, effingham, family, first love, fish, frank capra, frankenstein, freebirds, friends, geneology, geography, geology, godspell, godzilla, green lantern, harvey, hermans hermits, history, honeytree, humanitties, humphrey bogart, ice cream, it's a wonderful life, jerry lee lewis, jesus, jim croce, jimmy stewart, joan of arcadia, john steinbeck, kansas, keith green, knowledge bowl, larry norman, leave it to beaver, les miserables, literature, little richard, lost, love song, mark mcgwire, marylin monroe, meet john doe, mexican train dominoes, midwest city, miguel tejada, mythology, narnia, national monuments, national parks, natural monuments, nature, new york enforcers, nostalgia, oakland athletics, oklahoma, oldies, past civializations, peanuts, phil keaggy, philosophy, pro wrestling, psycology, reggie jackson, religon, republicans, reunions, ric flair, rickey henderson, robert frost, rocky & bullwinkle, sasquatch, science, sebrina, servant, singing, smallville, socializing, sociology, special education, special olympics, spiderman, star trek, star wars, star-spencer, steve martin, super-hero comic books, surfing the web, swosu, t.v, the beatles, the bible, the flash, the fugitive, the oakland a's, the petrified forest, the spurs, tim hudson, trains, travel, trivial pursuit, u.s. history, ugly betty, vincent van gogh, watchman nee, world war one, world war two, writing poetry. bob dylan, yahoo clubs, zoology, zoos

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