Steve Smart (hockalocker) wrote,
Steve Smart

The A's lost last night,

Tomorrow is another day.
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December 4 2000, 18:42:18 UTC 17 years ago

hello how are you? me fine I hope you keep in touch with me It would be reailly nice to here from you to let me know how you are Thanks Melissa Kaser (Eagle)
Hi Melissa, I am happy that you found me.
Do you have Email? I'd like your address. I also have a club on yahoo where you can reach me. I hope you join. Click onto this...
My email is I'll write more later. - Steve


December 5 2000, 18:23:05 UTC 17 years ago

Yes I have a email it is and yes I'm on yahoo to. I showed Phyillas that picture of her and she said she was going to shoot you because you put her school picture on the internet. Melissa