Steve Smart (hockalocker) wrote,
Steve Smart


Hi, it's Monday and I'm a little bumbed. This weekend someone took personal information about me and some of my friends and published it on the internet in a unkind way.
I hardly even knew one of the guys that did it and I don't know the other.
Matt is a guy in a club that I am in. Someone was kind of putting him down so I stepped up to defend him. He was angry so I tried to calm him down, I don't know, I guess he may have misunderstood and got mad. The next thing I know a friend of his is attacking me, saying unkind things about me, and sending harassing email to me and my friends.
I know that it is unrealistic to expect everyone to like me. It is immature of me to let it bother me.
A part of me wants to lash out and strike back but I know that would be wrong.
A part of me wants to write to them and try to make peace, but I feel like further contact would be unwise.
I need to just forget about it and move on. I shouldn't let it bother me. They are just two teenage boys who seem to be mad at the world and they are just taking i out on me.
It shouldn't bother me, but it does.
I tell myself this is nothing, if this is my biggest problem, I'm lucky, but it still hurts.
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